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2020-06-23 10:06

Technology education starts young for Wat Bo Primary School

20th February 2020

“Renowned for firm disciplines, well-mannered students, pleasant environment and an attentive set of teachers and a principle, Wat Bo Primary School in Siem Reap provincial city has made its name throughout the Kingdom and beyond.” — In Wat Bo school, tradition and modernity reign by Phnom Penh Post

As one of the kingdom’s most prestigious schools, Wat Bo Primary School has received positive acknowledgements from parents and the general public for its dedication to a quality learning environment. It has also received plenty of media attention inspiring other schools throughout Cambodia.

KOOMPI is honored to meet the school principal Mr. Peung Kimchhen to sign an agreement in which KOOMPI provides 30 KOOMPI laptops, all of which will have technical warranty, for the school’s computer laboratory.

In addition to having an equipped computer lab, students can benefit from KOOMPI Academy, KOOMPI’s educational initiative founded with students and teachers in mind. The KOOMPI Academy digital application, which is built into each KOOMPI laptop, will act as a digital reading resource platform for students. Teachers can also contribute by uploading lessons in Khmer or English.

Wat Bo Primary School computer laboratory will be assisted by a facilitator, whose role is not only to provide guidance, but to inspire students’ curiosity through face-to-face interactions. The facilitator will be stationed at the laboratory for the whole three-year period.

As a technology company, it is our ambition to see the next generation of engineers emerge from domestic educational institutions. By introducing computer skills in early education, young people have ample time to explore their potential and interest in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics).

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