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2020-07-06 15:07

Product Launch: KOOMPI E11

21st April 2020

We are happy to announce the release of our newest product, the E11, a sleek 11.6 inch HD Display laptop that does not compromise on performance.

The E11 has a storage size of 128 GB eMMC and one additional slot for SSD. It is equipped with a 4GB RAM and Intel Dual-Core 1.10GHz with 2.40GHz overclocked mobile version for low power consumption. The E11 will also be assembled in Cambodia by our technical team.

KOOMPI E11 will be available for

pre-order in late June and will be in stores at the end of July.

It has always been among our biggest dreams to see every student equipped with their very own computer. This is the mission behind our One-Laptop-Per-Student initiative. Though the E13 has been undeniably an important milestone, we still aimed to produce something that students immediately seek for when they want to invest in a personal computer.

Launching KOOMPI Academy was an exciting accomplisment for KOOMPI team as digital learning has become the official education method this month to respond to the need for social distancing. KOOMPI Academy (application) was only one project among many others in our initiative. Similarly to, was created for teachers from different schools to host an exclusive learning platform for their students.

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Begin making your at-home learning experience fun and rewarding.

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After making the E13 debut in October 2018, KOOMPI has been doing more than business. To help users get the best out of the operating system, all KOOMPI users receive technical and hardware support directly from KOOMPI IT team. In addition to producing laptops, we want to see people utilize what has been made and become innovators themselves.

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