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2020-06-23 10:06

Newest tech addition to Preah Sisowath High School’s NGS

19th March 2020

KOOMPI team visits Preah Sisowath High School (Lycée Preah Sisowath), known as Cambodia’s most premium public high school yet, Thursday morning to sign an MoU on the provision of 40 KOOMPI laptops for a three-year period.

After establishing and implementing a new curriculum, facilities, management system, and entry standards, NGS has been an inspiring change for parents, teachers, and other public schools throughout the country.

A central feature of Cambodia’s current education plan is the implementation of New Generation Schools, which aims to provide the Kingdom’s abler students with a thoroughly modern schooling. Post Education reports on the impact one NGS has made in the nation’s capital.

With the institution of new technology, many students initially needed supplemental classes. NGS provided these extra classes free of charge. This has helped to modernize the equity learning environment, and also ensured that no child is left behind.

Preah Sisowath High School, New Generation School, public education provides positive outcomes, 18th Jan 2019, The Phnom Penh Post

During the MoU, Vice Principal and Governance Mentor Mr. Sam Kamsann stressed on the importance of mobile learning materials in the digital age. He said, “We can see even clearer during times like now (nationwide educational institutions lock-down) that the demand of compact and mobile educational resources for each student is higher than ever.”

The Deputy Director of the Department of Technology at PSSW NGS Mr. Phel Phearoun sees great value in KOOMPI Academy (an application initiated by KOOMPI to aid in self-guided learning). He said that he appreciates how MoEYS’ digital lessons are incorporated onto the application and that it is great to utilize this abundant source of information for both students and teachers. He also expressed his interest in seeing self-guided social learning being more widespread in the future, preferably by NGS.

We are pleased to see positive changes in the education sector and will hopefully partner with more schools in the future. You may read more about the NGS program below.

A brief history of NGS(s) in Cambodia

New Generation Schools are part of a government education reform program, a new development track within the current education system that enables the creation of autonomous public schools. The concept is similar to the charter schools pioneered in the United States in the 1990s and subsequently in the U.K. These schools have greater leeway in spending their funding allocation.The idea for the education reform was initially conceived by the Cambodian Action for Primary Education (KAPE), the biggest in-country NGO focused on Cambodia’s education sector, and was later fully adopted and funded by the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sport. Their pilot program, the Beacon School Initiative, was implemented in 2014 in Kampong Cham province, and as the program expanded, they became the New Generation Schools.The goal of NGSs is to create public schools that maintain maximal education learning standards through higher investment. NGS focuses on enforcing transparency and accountability by changing the way schools are managed. This is a departure from the government’s traditional method of distributing all funds equally.October 2 marked the first day of school for New Generation School (Preah Sisowath High School) students after the Pchum Ben holiday.

Model schools teach a new generation of students, 10th October 2017, The Phnom Penh Post

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