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2020-07-06 15:07

KOOMPI mentioned in Asian Vision Institute’s 2020 Issue

11th May 2020

KOOMPI is pleased to be mentioned in Asian Vision Institute’s 18th commentary issue of 2020 as one of the private companies who are offering and supporting home-based learning opportunities during the current pandemic. The paper, titled Digitalising Cambodia’s Education System: Transforming the Learning Experience for the Future by TOUCH Darren, was published on the 9th this month, and is available for public readership in pdf on the AVI website. Read on to see some highlights from the paper.

With approximately two-thirds of the population under the age of thirty, Cambodia can no longer be complacent in investing in the next generation; instead, we need to tap into the country’s unlocked potentials. Both access and quality pose critical challenges to the education system, illustrating a need for improved school curricula, sufficiently trained educators, and more resources for school improvements.

Below is another snippet of the publication. You may also read the complete document through the embedded link above.

In addition to the MoEYS’ eLearning portal, KOOMPI, a domestic laptop
manufacturer, launched “KOOMPI Academy,” a platform that not only has online classes for students to continue their studies, but also offers educational institutions a platform to develop their courses and upload their content online.

With carefully selected materials, all curated for a convenient at-home learning, KOOMPI Academy can be accessed by everyone for free with contents created for Cambodian students. Users, which can be students, teachers, or parents, may find contents that suit specific educational needs, including STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics). The program also incorporates the Ministry of Education and Sports’ existing digital lessons. Read more about our project here!


After making the E13 debut in October 2018, KOOMPI has been doing more than business. To help users get the best out of the operating system, all KOOMPI users receive technical and hardware support directly from KOOMPI IT team. In addition to producing laptops, we want to see people utilize what has been made and become innovators themselves.

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