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2020-06-17 13:06

KOOMPI For Good Causes

SmallWorld, KOOMPI and it’s affiliated start-ups are committed to spending our marketing dollars #ForGoodCauses

At SmallWorld, we never want to directly buy “likes or shares” on social media. KOOMPI and other startups in our SmallWorld alliance want to accumulate only organic “likes and shares”, from real supporters who believe in what we do.

In other words, we want your involvement because you believe in our mission, and not for gifts or payback. Those who buy “likes and shares” on social media actually steal the attention of others who may not necessarily care or believe in anything at all, and at SmallWorld we won’t ever do that.

When we use the Facebook network to reach out to the public, we want to generate organic, grassroots support from authentic viewers and readers who know us and believe in what we do.

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