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2020-07-06 15:07

Join the KOOMPI Academy project

29th April 2020

The KOOMPI Academy project aims to connect students and teachers, and expand the lesson inventory in order for the platform to be useful for students of all fields. We would like to announce to all teachers that your contribution to this project will be most appreciated. Though KOOMPI Academy is by default a free application for all users, teachers will also have the opportunity to earn from creating lessons. You can try creating your own lesson now by watching our short tutorial video.

At the moment, KOOMPI Academy allows users to create courses (in both text and video format) and share it to other users (students). Basically, the application and website will act as a vast lesson inventory without worries about payment or storage space.

KOOMPI team will keep improving the application by incorporating more useful features. In the future, you will be able to view each students’ progress and “credits”, giving you easy access to student monitoring. Similarly, students themselves will be able to use this feature for self-progress evaluation, making self-learning and peer-reviewing easier.

On a larger scale, the application can aid schools in digitizing their curriculum. KOOMPI Academy also allows schools to use our platform with their unique domain, making it your very own online learning space.

For students, the experience is a distraction-free digital learning environment: no advertising, no cost, no hidden agenda. You may view lessons by the Ministry of Education and a variety of curated lessons in the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) field.

About KOOMPI Academy:

KOOMPI Academy is an educational project that aims to connect students and teachers in Cambodia in E-learning. We have curated 150+ courses with around 2000+ video lessons on the platform. Currently, all lesson are mixed while simple arrangement by categories. In the future, we will have searchable content, making your search faster and easier!

Begin making your at-home learning experience fun and rewarding.

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It’s 100% free with no obligation.

In addition to our many great course offerings, we continue to offer our powerful and stylish KOOMPI notebook computer with models priced under 370 USD. New student-centered model available for pre-order in late June.

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