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2020-07-06 14:07

Inside the Neeson Cripps Academy

16th June 2020

“The only way to provide lasting, generational change, is to ensure that whole families are lifted from poverty. CCF provides not only for the health and wellbeing of children, but for their families and community.”
— extracted from the CCF website

As a country with so many children and young adults, Cambodia’s future and economy will depend on the well-being of our young population. The amount of investment put into developing quality education will provide long-term positive results for our society as a whole. KOOMPI believes strongly in this approach and sees significance in organizations such as CCF.

This Tuesday, Sofy and Theara from KOOMPI visited Neeson Cripps Academy to discuss potential collaborations. We learned many things about the CCF mission and introduced the CCF members to relevant projects at KOOMPI that may help improve the students’ online learning experience.

We would like to give our thanks to one anonymous sponsor who gifted one KOOMPI notebook to CCF. We hope that members of CCF will find great use of our device.

At the moment, CCF operates a total of 6 satellite schools, three of which provide grade 1 to grade 6 curriculum, and the other three from grade 7 to grade 12. Each classroom hosts around 25–26 students and is built with essential and quality infrastructures, such as science labs, gardens, basketball courts, soccer fields, and technology classrooms.

“Through a range of programs that focus on 6 core areas — Education, Leadership, Community Outreach, Healthcare, Childcare and Vocational Training — we take a holistic, on-the-ground approach to developing integrated solutions to the complex issues of poverty.”

As schools are temporarily closed to comply with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport’s initiative against CoVid-19, CCF is conducting online classes for their students using Google Suite. KOOMPI introduced them to KOOMPI Academy, an online learning application that allow users to create or view lessons. We believe this will be a good collaboration because teachers at CCF can use the application to host lessons they have created.

There are a approximately 400 students at NCA, out of a total of 2000 members in CCF. All students at NCA are members of CCF and some get admitted into CCF schools after an entrance exam. Members who are not admitted will still be getting education from external public schools in the country.

CCF Approach

We believe that with the right education and support, one child has the potential to lift an entire family out of poverty and that a generation of educated children has the power to change a whole society. Through intensive, long-term investments in children, CCF is helping students build the skills, confidence and integrity they need to become the progressive spokespeople and leaders of change in their communities.

Stay tuned for our collaboration with CCF and other partners! Join our channels to hear exciting announcements and get in touch with our team!

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