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2020-06-17 15:06

Hun Sen Saang High School computer laboratory to be equipped with KOOMPI

Representative of KOOMPI and headmaster of Hun Sen Saang High School, Mr. Yun Sivchhong, on Monday signed a memorandum of understanding to station 30 laptops at the school’s computer lab for a three-year period.

Founded by Mr. Thul Rithy, KOOMPI is a domestic technology company established in 2018. The mission is to make tools that are affordable and effective for everyone, especially students. Currently, the KOOMPI team is made up of young talents, some of which are apprentices who are diligently learning the basics of technology and business development.

KOOMPI produced its own open-source operating system, KOOMPI OS, as we believe this allows for more independent computer usage and learning. To inspire more technology-based learning, KOOMPI also founded KOOMPI Academy, an educational initiative that seeks to help all schools in Cambodia to be sufficiently equipped. Every school that we partner with is one step towards a bigger dream, which is to provide students with a minimum of one computer laboratory with the appropriate physical resources.

As we understand the importance of quality guidance on top of physical resources, students and teachers who use the computer lab at Hun Sen Saang will be assisted by one facilitator from KOOMPI throughout the course of the partnership.

We believe in a future where every student in Cambodia owns their own laptop or computer, which is why we work actively to produce tools that suit individual needs. Stay tuned for future product launches through our website!

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