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2020-06-29 11:06

E-learning at home? Check out KOOMPI Academy!

Press Release

Phnom Penh — 23rd March 2020

With the physical classroom being off-limits after the Cambodian Ministry of Education has declared an early summer holiday for all schools across the country (as one of the measures to help contain the COVID-19 outbreak), Cambodia’s traditional classroom learning has taken a complete turn as never seen before.

Social distancing and self quarantine is being encouraged on a worldwide scale driving the public and private institutions alike to be proactive in the preparation for online materials and digital conference calls. Having been aware of the importance of self-guided (and digital) education resources, especially in necessary times like now, KOOMPI is introducing our very own digital E-learning platform, KOOMPI Academy.

With carefully selected materials, all curated for a convenient at-home learning, KOOMPI Academy can be accessed by everyone for free with contents created exclusively for Cambodian students.

Learners in remote and off-grid locations can also take advantage of the application as contents are available both online (through website) and offline (built-in cache for the application on KOOMPI laptops).

Users, which can be students, teachers, or parents, may find contents that suit specific educational needs, including STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics). The program also uses the Ministry of Education and Sports’ existing digital lessons.

Even better? KOOMPI Academy promises you a distraction-free environment: no advertising, no cost, no hidden agenda.

Begin making your at-home learning experience fun and rewarding.

Sign-up now for KOOMPI Academy at

It’s 100% free with no obligation.

In addition to our many great course offerings, we continue to offer our powerful and stylish KOOMPI notebook computer with models priced under 370 USD.

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