KOOMPI is different. By default, it comes with a Linux based Operating System of its own, known as KOOMPI OS. The software is free to use and free to change. No force software update on users. Users can update software at their own time, when desired.

KOOMPI OS inherits the nature of Open Source Linux, thus you don’t have to worry about buying antivirus to protect your KOOMPI. All open source software that you would need to use to do your important work is free, without the headache of buying a licence in order to use it.

Since KOOMPI believes in freedom, you can even ditch KOOMPI OS out of your doors and bring Microsoft in via Windows. You can do this very easily. Though, we suggest that if you do install MS Windows, make sure you buy its software licence for best practice, respect, and to protect yourself from ransomware.

KOOMPI Pro’s edition, you can do so much more. With higher hardware specs and low power consumption software of KOOMPI OS, you can do so much more. Check out the specs for yourself.

All applications can be installed from a simple command with “pi”. Soon in the future it will come with a more user- friendly UI store. With some curiosity, you will master your laptop like a Pro.

With this, we wish you a fun experience with KOOMPI and KOOMPI OS.

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